about us


We are a group of professionals working in the fields of health and health promotion. We believe that school is a privileged context that can effectively contribute to the health of young learners, and through it to the well being of the whole future society. In this perspective, we propose some activities designed to support schools in the realization of Health promotion paths on topics that are of interest for children and adolescents. We aim to develop “life-related skills” in these target learners, that is, a combination of cognitive, emotional and relational skills supporting the acquisition of conscious, well-informed health-related behaviours, at both individual and social level, so as to adequately tackle health issues in everyday life.

Based on this vision of a health-promoting school, our team aims to effectively contribute to realize a learning context based on the educational use of storytelling, in particular in the form of comics. Storytelling is recognized, by many years of investigation and field experiences, as a powerful learning and communication means, which results natural and is easy to grasp for both children and adults. Comics, in particular, consisting in a sequence of static images with limited portions of text, result particularly appealing, understandable and easy to use for children, who are our target population and key for the transformation of future society.