24-25 September to San Marino – Italy

Comics and health education in the digital age
sciences comics and digital storytelling

This Conference is primarily a discussion on topics relating to new methods and new teaching tools to refer to the teaching of subjects related to the ‘health education especially in primary schools, with an extension in the future of schools ‘childhood and middle school. You want to address the issue of the comparison between “storytelling” and “digital natives” for a new learning in order to meet the challenge of the social model in accompanying children to have alternative communication styles including messages and content in a way that favor implicit learning of rules and social values ​​and prevention for their health and for sharing with places and times.

Arching objective is the pursuit of the protection and prevention of public health by educating each child to use alternative means of communication.

Some focus that will be treated as topics at the conference:

– To encourage and promote, with communication tools related to comics, a path of health education aimed particularly at children in preschools and elementary schools, – To publicize and promote the use of this teaching method, through a domino effect, to teachers,
– Giving birth to a round table of speakers in science and health to explain the usefulness of storytelling to a path of Health Education in perspective,
– Digital storytelling: comparing experiences,
– Storytelling, learning, teaching methods and comparing experiences,
– Best practices of successful experiences, a comparison of the results achieved where experiences were conducted in the field.

It will be for all an ‘important starting point to understand, learn and apply new teaching methodologies for a new Health Education in the digital age.


Storytelling and learning

The narrative form is always used for learning, both at school and in informal settings. Only recently, however, we have witnessed a growing interest from the scientific literature in this argoument.Originally confined to the field of literary criticism and narratology, the narrative is emerging as an object of research in relation to understanding, meaning attribution and Learning. >>>

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Comics and health education

To teach concepts of primary prevention to a specific target such as children, it was decided to use an educational technology which uses comics as a teaching method.   With this new teaching method the attention of the student will be caught, will be involved and absorbed in a comic strip, you will then be informed and “educated” by discovering and acquiring information on everything related to the basic rules of sanitation and proper behavior to keep any proposed campaign, getting the information in a simple and natural. The comic becomes tool of implicit Learning.>>>


Digital Storytelling

The media are part of the daily activities of the children and their practices   only institutional but also in the activities of equals. It is through the media that carry out the main activities, such as play, socialize, study, communication and the construction of identity and construct knowledge (Livingstone). In this context are the digital storytelling, understood as a new communicative practice and storytelling, it can enhance the expressive capacities of individuals and particularly children. >>>

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