flik il vikingo

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For this project we chose as testimonial “Flik the Viking”.

Why a Viking?

The Viking people went down in history for their bold, brave and aggressive nature. Always ready to discover new lands, they forced their way beyond the borders of the known world.

They were so aggressive in battle that they were always the winners against other people. Their strength derived from the fact that they did not attack for greediness or political reasons but for the need to acquire food or to find new land to farm, because their own territories could not produce enough food to nourish all their people. They usually made fast and unexpected incursions, ravaging as much as they could and then retreating as fast as they had arrived. Survival was the main reason to attack and ravage other people. Fighting was their chance to survive. The art of war was taught across generations as an essential means to defend their people.

Vikings highly valued family, friendship and honour, for which they were ready to fight. They were skilled shipbuilders and expert navigators, as much as warriors. Until the year 1000 they were one of the most developed populations in Europe.

Flik the Viking has the essential qualities of these warriors, he is fighting for a right cause and to defend good principles.